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Retail Store Signs

AFL’s design team creates effective, appealing commercial Retail Store Signs that work for our customers

Retail signage is one of the most important ways to convey your message to your customers. To most consumers, clearly marked commercial retail store signs that lead them through a store to the products they are looking for with minimum hassle means a more efficient and comfortable shopping experience that directly results in increased sales.

Retail Store Signs (like the sign to your right), integrates wood, metal and digitally-printed graphics, was part of a series created for each of the four main categories in Canadian Tire, which are also identified and reinforced on the outside of every store. The Retail Store Signs are a cornerstone of the chain’s 20-20 décor program which has improved the look and feel of Canadian Tire stores while dramatically increasing sales.
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Commercial Retail Signs
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Retail Store Signs
Custom Commercial Retail Store Signs

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